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A Freelance Motion Graphics & 3D Animator (Tim Carter-Wale) Here to make your business stand out with engaging moving content for digital screens, big or small. (New Website Coming Soon)

H2FC - (Hydrogen Fuel Cell)
The Question, What role can hydrogen and fuel cells play in the future energy landscape? Explainer video created for Imperial College London.
Jellyfish Music Video
SoundCloud inspired tentacles, octopus barman, turtle bouncer and electric rays, what more do you want!
DX3 Preview
Exterion Media commissioned a multi version video to promote there new format DX3. The video needed to work online and in pitching situations for their sales team. It was made so the screens throughout the sequence could be easily swapped for new campaigns.
Digital Outdoor Reel (DOOH)
Selection of digital Outdoor animations created for Exterion Media (CBS), The Media Agency Group & JCDecaux
2018 Showreel
2018 Showreel, Motion graphics and 3D animation.
Dragg-On Explainer video.
Syncronology software explainer video. A 3D animation which takes you through the benefits of using their new software.
Santa Explained Part 1 & 2
#SantaExplained, learn more about his technology & business. How does he fit all the presents in the sleigh, why reindeer not….jets or rockets? and other important questions answered in this part two video "Santa Claus Explained."
Motion Graphics Agency Process
Introduction to the production process for creating an animated explainer video or company promotion.
Exterion Media Creative Reel
Motion graphics sequence to promote Exterion Media's production capabilities from concept to DOOH deliver.
5 Myths of Talent Management
Animation about the 5 myths of talent management, commission & Voiced by Izabella Khazagerova, Senior Manager in People and Process @ Baringa Partners.
Solstor Videos
3 of 5 Animations created for Solstor a haulage company based in the UK.
London Taxi Advertising Website Video
Feel good informative video for London Taxi Advertisings website. Created to have swappable UV layers on the taxis so the client could re-render with new taxi ads, to keep the sequence up-to-date. We think the icing on the cake would have been a Voice over, but the client declined this option.
CBS "Look for Longer" Campaign Results
CBS ran a campaign last year to see how Out of Home advertising can integrate with social media in a measurable way. SystemFX took their underground 50 sheet advert and turned it into a 3D image fly through.
Is Animation Good for Business
Advert to promote my company SystemFX, mixed up with some stats about online video over the last 2 years.
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